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Exploring Web3 Job Opportunities in 2023: A Derec Guide

Web3 Job Opportunities in 2023: Derec's Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the rapidly evolving realm of Web3 can be challenging. However, for job seekers, the burgeoning field offers a wealth of opportunities. We, at Derec, have meticulously researched and compiled an in-depth guide on the top Web3 jobs available in 2023.

The Significance of Web3 in 2023

Web3 symbolizes the next evolution of the internet – a decentralized and user-centric phase where control returns to the hands of users. With increased emphasis on decentralization, data privacy, and interoperability, the demand for skilled professionals in Web3 is skyrocketing.

1. Web3 Frontend Developer


Frontend developers in the Web3 domain specialize in creating user interfaces for decentralized applications (dApps) and platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

- Designing and developing user interfaces for dApps.

- Collaborating with backend teams to ensure seamless integration.

- Staying updated with emerging frontend technologies and best practices.

Desirable Skills:

- Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, React, HTML, and CSS.

- Strong grasp of Git, API integrations, and web3 components.

- A genuine passion for the decentralized future and its potential.

2. Web3 FullStack Engineer


FullStack Engineers in Web3 are adept at both frontend and backend development, ensuring that applications are scalable, secure, and user-friendly.

Key Responsibilities:

- Developing and optimizing both frontend and backend components.

- Implementing web3 components, APIs, and integration with blockchain.

- Continuous testing and refining of application features.

Desirable Skills:

- Experience in React UI component crafting.

- Familiarity with Typescript and integration of web3 components.

- In-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.

3. Head of Protocol Engineering


Individuals in this role are responsible for overseeing the architectural development of decentralized protocols, ensuring their efficiency and interoperability.

Key Responsibilities:

- Leading a team of engineers to develop and refine blockchain protocols.

- Collaborating with CTO and CEO to translate conceptual protocols into actionable plans.

- Monitoring project timelines and ensuring timely delivery.

Desirable Skills:

- Strong background in software engineering or computer science.

- Familiarity with leading blockchain frameworks like ETH2/Rollups and Polkadot.

- Proven leadership capabilities.

4. Sales Operations in Web3 Companies


These professionals manage and optimize the sales process within Web3 companies, ensuring efficient lead conversions and revenue generation.

Key Responsibilities:

- Streamlining core sales processes and methodologies.

- Utilizing data analytics to evaluate team performance.

- Developing and maintaining sales resources, including playbooks and training materials.

Desirable Skills:

- Experience in sales processes and CRM systems.

- Technical product knowledge.

- Excellent organizational and analytical capabilities.

5. Web3 Business Development Manager


Business Development Managers in the Web3 sector focus on forging strategic partnerships and expanding the company's footprint.

Key Responsibilities:

- Developing strategies to penetrate new markets.

- Building relationships with potential partners and stakeholders.

- Monitoring market trends and adjusting strategies accordingly.

Desirable Skills:

- Proven track record in blockchain-related sales or business development.

- Strong networking capabilities.

- Deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem.

6. Web3 Product Designer


Web3 Product Designers craft the user experience and interface for decentralized products, ensuring they are intuitive and user-friendly.

Key Responsibilities:

- Designing interfaces for decentralized applications.

- Collaborating with development teams to ensure design feasibility.

- Researching and incorporating user feedback into design improvements.

Desirable Skills:

- Strong portfolio of user-centric designs.

- Familiarity with blockchain and decentralization principles.

- Effective communication skills.


The ascent of Web3 has ushered in a plethora of job opportunities that cater to diverse skills and expertise. As we navigate this decentralized future, it's crucial to stay informed and prepared for the evolving job landscape. Derec is committed to aiding professionals in leveraging these opportunities to the fullest. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the Web3 realm holds promise for all.