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Navigating Web3 Careers: Top Platforms & Opportunities | derec

Why Consider a Web3 Career?

The appeal of a Web3 career goes beyond the allure of the unknown. Recent data suggests that by 2030, the blockchain industry alone could contribute a staggering $1.76 trillion to the global economy while creating 40 million new job opportunities. These figures highlight the sector's potential, ranging from tech-centric roles to diverse non-technical positions, including marketing, operations, research, and more.

Best Platforms to Kickstart Your Web3 Job Hunt

Navigating the world of Web3 job opportunities might seem daunting, but with the right platforms at your disposal, the task becomes significantly more manageable. Here's a detailed look at some of the top platforms:

1. Web3 Jobs

A dedicated platform for Web3 enthusiasts, Web3 Jobs showcases an extensive list of job openings across various Web3 domains. Whether you're looking to explore design, marketing, or legal positions, this platform has something for everyone.

2. Cryptocurrency Jobs

This platform serves as a bridge between the blockchain and crypto world and potential job seekers. Apart from offering an array of job listings, Cryptocurrency Jobs stands out with its articles and resources tailored to enhance your Web3 knowledge.

3. Remote3

For those seeking remote opportunities within the Web3 realm, Remote3 stands out. From marketing to development roles, the platform boasts over 2,500 job listings from a plethora of Web3 companies.

4. CryptoJobsList

Since its inception in 2017, Crypto Jobs List has become a go-to platform for many, connecting aspirants with leading blockchain companies such as Binance, Uniswap, and Chainlink, among others.

5. CB Recruitment

Powered by Coin Bureau, CB Recruitment offers a holistic Web3 job search experience, from Web3 career onboarding programs to recruitment solutions tailored to both startups and industry giants.

6. Crypto.Jobs

A vibrant community of over 40,000 crypto enthusiasts, offers job listings across various fields and locations. Their user-friendly platform allows job seekers to filter listings based on their preferences, ensuring a smooth job search process.

7. Remote OK

Established in 2015, Remote OK is renowned for its extensive list of remote jobs, making it a preferred choice for those looking to work in Web3 from the comfort of their homes.

8. Gaby’s Web3 Job Board

Curated by Gaby Goldberg, this job board hosts an array of Web3 opportunities from companies spearheading innovations within the industry.

9. Remotive

With its keyword-centric job search functionality, Remotive simplifies the Web3 job search process, offering listings across diverse fields.

Tips for Aspiring Web3 Professionals

1. Continuous Learning: Given the dynamic nature of Web3, staying updated with the latest technologies and trends is crucial.

2. Networking: Engage with industry professionals, attend seminars, and join Web3-focused communities to expand your network.

3. Diverse Skill Set: Web3 isn't limited to tech roles. Non-tech professionals can also find opportunities by adapting their skills to the Web3 context.


At derec, we believe in the transformative power of Web3. With its potential to redefine the digital world, it offers myriad opportunities for professionals across domains. By choosing the right platform and equipping oneself with the required skills, one can seamlessly transition into a fulfilling Web3 career.