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Building the Next Generation Of WEB3 Recruitment

A recruitment platform that combines  on-chain  and  off-chain  data to allow hiring managers to make more informed decisions on candidates.

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The Power of Data-Driven Hiring

Our system leverages on-chain and off-chain data from top crypto sources to build comprehensive candidate profiles. Intuitive dashboard for streamlined hiring.
Derec Solving Problems

Unlock the power of on-chain data for smarter hiring

The right talent is the cornerstone of any successful Web3 venture. But how do you know if a candidate is truly passionate about DeFi, NFTs, or other crucial aspects of the industry? Traditional hiring methods may not cut it.

That’s where Derec comes in. Our innovative platform harnesses the power of on-chain data to give you deep insights into a candidate’s activity in the crypto space. By analyzing their interactions with various protocols, we can determine their expertise, interests, and even personality traits.

No more guessing games or sifting through endless resumes. With Derec, you’ll have the tools to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions that set your project up for success. Sign up now for early access and be among the first to experience the future of blockchain recruitment.

Bridging the Gap

Candidates with Web2 backgrounds and good historical on-chain experience can now feel more confident applying for Web3 roles, as their degen can be easily showcased

Screen by on-chain experience

The job postings are up-to-date and relevant to the Web3 industry, solving the challenge of finding relevant and updated Web3-specific job postings.

Increase Quality of Candidates

Candidates who spend more time in the application process tend to have higher intent and are applying for jobs similar to the roles they’re currently in.

The Proof is in the Blockchain

  1. 1.
    Wallet age
  1. 2.
    NFT Trade History
  1. 3.
    DEX Usage
  1. 4.
    DeFi Experience
  1. 5.
    Proof of Attendance
  1. 6.
    On Chain Courses + Educations
  1. 7.
    Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs)
    Contribution & Badges

Stand Out with Interactive Web3 Resumes

Make a lasting impression with an interactive Web3 resume that showcases your skills and experience in an innovative way. Stand out from the crowd and impress potential employers with your Web3-enabled job application.

Discover a New World of Web3 Job Opportunities

  • Filter by on-chain experience and skillset.
  • Browse both tech and non-tech roles.
  • Narrow your search by location and remote work options.
  • Get personalized job recommendations powered by AI.